Connecting and Innovation with Interactive AI

Our vision is one where AI seamlessly collaborates with and serves people. A critical aspect of this collaboration is AI’s ability to comprehend human behavior, which enables it to assist us in attaining our goals. We develop next-generation AI systems through a variety of endeavors, ranging from fundamental research, educational activities, and partnerships with industry. Learn more about NUSAiL below or get in touch.


Research Areas

We work on almost all areas of AI including modeling and representation, reasoning and planning, machine learning and data science, computer vision and natural language processing as well as learning theory.

Embodied AI

Effective real-world performance and achievement of general intelligence are crucial for a generalized intelligent agent. At NUSAil, we are geared towards understanding the potential of embodiment for enabling general intelligence. Our research on embodiment encompasses a broad spectrum of domains, such as mobile robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, as well as physical and virtual manipulation. 

Interactive AI

Interactive AI refers to AI systems designed to interact with humans, facilitating a deeper level of engagement and communication. Examples include chatbots and virtual assistants. At NUSAil, we develop fundamental methods and AI systems for improving interactive AI that can assist humans in a variety of tasks, from education to healthcare. 

Trustworthy AI

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. As researchers and practitioners, it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that the deployment of these AI systems does not have a detrimental impact on human lives. We develop approaches that account for the ethical, legal, and societal implications of deploying AI systems. By doing so, we can ensure that the effective deployment of AI systems not only attends to functional goals but also human values and needs.


NUSAiL Faculty Member Goh Khim Yong won Best Paper Award in the Digital and Mobile Commerce track and the Best Conference Paper Award at the 2022 International Conference Information Systems (ICIS). 


NUSAiL Faculty Member Harold Soh has been selected for #RSS2023 Early Career Spotlight talks. Read about his talk at


NUSAiL Member Reza Shokri was awarded the Prestigious Asian Young Scientist Fellowship

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